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Remote control and monitoring through GSM network.
A single device suitable for a wide range of application.
Free call, SMS, Email, keyboard codes and even Tweets !

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The most compact and versatile WiFi remote controller.
Manage your appliances, log information, send messages and transfer data from Intranet / Internet.

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Welcome to Contrive WirelessControl

You might have a smart TV and surely you got a cellular phone or maybe a smartphone, a tablet and one or more personal computers are part of your daily life. Give those smart devices the power to control the real world.
Using our products you can build simple, affordable and reliable IoT / M2M application both in Home and Industrial Automation: they allows you to make your life easier and attractive, creating things that just weren't possible before.
From a simple gate control to complex remote metering system, you're not limited to a single idea... unleash your imagination !


Industrial Automation

Remotely controlling and managing devices and systems will have a large influence on modern business processes. Situations can much faster be acted upon. Faults will be detected faster and malfunctions will be repaired sooner. Unnecessary service visits will be reduced, the availability of the systems, and with that the satisfaction of the end-users, will increase.

 Home Automation 

Give your life a touch of ease... for every single person, and not only for specialists. Manage lights, heating, electric appliances, alarm, gates and all home resources by cell, cordless, landline phones and every device accessing the Web. Although it sounds very technical our products are very easy to set up and gives you many advantages of security and comfort.