Each device can interact with other devices simply by sending and receiving commands: a system can therefore be composed of several devices, even far from each other, until the number of inputs and outputs required by the application is reached.

The devices are interconnected via radio, therefore no wired connection is required.

LAN Local Area Network

Devices sharing the same WiFi radio channel, therefore connected to the same SSID (or when no SSID is defined and Avior works as an Access Point), can exchange messages with the AT#DLAN command.

This transmission occurs directly between the devices and therefore can be established even if there is no access to a network (WiFi or PLMN).

More details HERE.

WAN Wide Area Network

Devices reachable via the WiFi or PLMN network can exchange messages with the AT#DWAN command, this transmission is forwarded via the SMM server, which must be active.

More details HERE.