Embedded WebServer refers to the web server that is built into the AVIOR. It allows you to verify the operating status, control onboard resources and make settings. Embedded WebServer allows presentation of predefined or custom content through a browser. WebServer starts when the SDcard is installed and a directory  httpdocs  is detected.

Maximum number of connected clients and bandwidth are limited.

Do not expect performances similar to a mainframe !

Every device connected to an IP network must have a unique IP address.

This address is used to reference the specific unit.

Avior can connect to an existing WiFi network, but it can also set up a network of its own:

Station (STA) Mode

SSID address and password has been provided by user and Avior connects to an existing WiFi network. The IP address is automatically assigned on DHCP-enabled networks.

Soft Access Point (AP) Mode

If an SSID is not defined, Avior creates its own WiFi network and acts as hotspot (like a WiFi router): you can connect to AVIOR from any device having Wi-Fi capabilities without the need to connect to your router. Avior does not have interface to a wired network.

The IP address is

To access the unit:

  1. Run the web browser.
  2. Enter the device IP address as the URL

The embedded WebServer's index.html page will be accessed and displayed.

This is the only page available until the user enters the device password to LOGIN. Password is user configurable and is the same used to acces the device from local com port and remote control.

An automatic logout occurs ater 60 minutes of inactivity.

After 30 consecutive attempts with wrong password the access from any bearer is blocked and an OTP password is generated at any further login.

You must ask for the password to factory

by sending the code returned by Avior.