Each digital input can be activated and deactivated.

A disabled input produces no events.

For each input it is possible to define the time necessary for the event to be detected. The right setting allows to avoid false activations due to contacts that can accidentally close for a short period or contacts that produce bounces when closed / opened.

This feature can also be used to filter events by duration. For example, if a limit switch detects the position of a door, we could ignore short-term openings and closings and send alarms only if the door remains open or closed for a long time.

More information on features and connections for the digital inputs can be found HERE.

The rules associated with the digital inputs are stored in

specific unit R folder


The event is triggered at each change of state of the input, therefore both at the closing and opening of the contact. Enter a condition in the rule that checks the status of the contact if you want to handle the two events separately.