Avior can activate a client and connect to an MQTT broker.

Connection is not available for 2G devices.

The AT#MQTT command is available for posting topics.

Topics can be defined for systematic publication upon the occurrence of specific conditions:

  • Whenever a change is made to the map
    the changed parameters are published 1

  • Each time a new activity is added to the log file
    the new registration is published

  • Whenever a user is added, removed or changed
    information relating to the user is published

  • Whenever a rule is added, removed or changed
    rule definitions are published

1 The publication can be deferred according to what is set in the parameter Minimum time between uploads

The device can also subscribe to a topic from which to receive commands that are immediately analyzed and possibly executed, if a response is expected it can be published in a specific topic.

The rules associated with the MQTT client are stored in

specific unit R folders