This group contains information relating to telephone calls.


Call - last caller

The device can also be controlled with a simple phone call to which it is possible to answer or even just to detect the number of the caller. The caller's phone number may be stored as user.

This is the telephone number of the last caller (user or unknown).


Call - last DTMF

The device can respond to incoming calls, during which it can detect a sequence of numeric keys pressed, the # key cancels the entire entry, the * key closes the sequence. The length is limited to 10 characters.

This is the last sequence (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) received from a caller (N20) after answering the incoming call. 


Call - last group

The group to which the last caller belongs, if the caller is not stored as user, the parameter will be empty.


Last originated call - Recipient phone number

The device can make telephone calls with the AT+CALL command. This parameter contains the telephone number of the last call recipient originating from the device.