Devices equipped with SIM cards provided by Contrive communicate with the server and with each other within a VPN.

Each of these devices is assigned an IP address to which any other device can send messages and commands directly

with the AT#UDP command, specifying the destination port 2020.


AT#UDP=,2020,"0000 out1=1"

The text of the last message received is contained in parameter S17.

The commands are executed only if the password of the device to be controlled is present at the beginning of the message.

No delivery confirmation is sent back, if necessary you can easily create a rule that responds to the sender with an acknowledge.

When setting variables remotely, it is possible to insert single or concatenated tags (spaces are not allowed).


AT#UDP=,2020,"0000 VB2=$D14$D15"

In the same message there can be more commands and also free text.


AT#UDP=,2020,"0000 AT#LOG='UDP from $D01' out1=1,3 mem1=1 varY=8 hello"

If the device at address is reachable, it will immediately receive the message:

  • Adds a line to the recipient's log file.
  • Activate output 1 for 3 seconds.
  • Activates memory bit 1.
  • Assigns the value 8 to the variable Y.