The device is set to activate a low consumption mode (SLEEP, parameter D21) with periodic awakening set with parameter D25. At each periodic wake-up (only from monday to friday) it sends an SMS message containing the battery gauge and stores the same value in a file and after 1 minute of inactivity it automatically returns to low consumption mode.


$D16(12345 WEEKDAY ( 12345

AT+SMS=+391234,"Battery $A52 mV"

AT#AFILE=S:LOGS/mylog.txt,T,"$D14$D15 $A52 mV"

trigger event is the periodic wake up from power saving mode.

The first condition checked is that the parameter D16 which represents the current day is contained in the text 12345, it means a day between Monday and Friday.

The first action contains the command that sends an SMS message to the number +391234 also informing about the battery status (A52 is the average value of the battery voltage).

The second action contains the command that appends a line of text to the mylog.txt file in the LOGS folder of internal memory drive S.The line contains date and time (D14 D15) followed by the average value of the battery voltage (A52).