Avior keeps the activity history as a text file


When this file reaches a size of 3kB the content is moved to


Up to 6k will then be used to store recent activities.

Both files can be read by console with the AT#RFILE command.

Files can be deleted with the AT#DFILE command, they will be recreated by the device when necessary.

A custom record can be added to the system log by means of the command AT#LOG.

Each row contains date, time and description of the operation performed.

If the on-board clock has not been set, only the time will be reported from the moment the device is switched on.

--/--/--,00:00:01,AVIOR power on

20/07/18,09:00:51,WiFi connected: Vodafone-34532257 20/07/18,09:00:14,main on

20/07/18,12:46:48,WiFi disconnected: Vodafone-34532257


With the SMM server active it is possible to enable the REMOTE LOG, in this way each activity will also be saved on the server which will keep the last 100 records available for consultation.