This group contains information about the latest system event.


Last event 

Reports the last event saved in the D:SYSTEM/system.log file.


Channels to be included in system log file 

Enables or disables the logging of events related to specific resources in the system log file. A sequence of 20 characters each associated with the specific resource in the following order:

  • Not used
  • Not used
  • Not used
  • Not used
  • System
  • Digital Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Memory Bits
  • Memory Variables
  • Pulse Counter Inputs
  • Cellular network
  • GNSS
  • Rules
  • Users
  • SMM Server
  • HTTP
  • Wiegand
  • ModbusTCP
  • MQTT
  • Geofence

11111111111111111111 all enabled

By setting to 0 events related to specific resource will not be recorded