Each of the 6 digital inputs can also opertae as a pulse counter. This feature can be enabled and disabled.

A disabled input produces no events.

Each change of state from open (0) to closed (1) that lasts at least 20 milliseconds is detected and the number of pulses needed to advance the counter by 1 in the interval 1 ... 100 can be defined.

By setting 1, the counter will advance at each pulse.

Setting 100 will take 100 pulses to advance the counter.

When the counter reaches the maximum number of counts (999999) it will restart from zero.

The counter can be reset or set to a specific value by means of specific command.

More information on features and connections for digital inputs can be found HERE.

The rules associated with the pulse counter inputs are stored in the

specific unit R folders


A digital input can be used simultaneously to detect status and count pulses.