Avior can be managed from any IoT platform by means of a complete set of API documented here:

To use this feature you need to enable SMM server and ensure a data connection (WiFi or mobile).

A complete, free and ready to use remote control/supervision and configuration interface is available here:

A direct access status page is available here:

the device identifier and password will be requested which can also be passed in the URL, for example:

You can also open multiple pages at the same time, one for each device you want to view.

For those familiar with the creation of web pages it will be easy to take the code and use it to create customized interfaces.

To use these functions, the SMM server must be enabled

and a data connection (WiFi or cellular) must be guaranteed

Unlike other devices, Avior can be programmed to directly manage processes rather than depend on the automation defined in the IoT platform. This significantly reduces the exchange of data and activities are performed faster, even in the absence of a connection to the IoT platform.

It is therefore possible to manage the operational strategy locally (edge, inside the device) or remotely (cloud platform) or both.

HERE more details on managing connections.