The geographical location of the device allows you to define the time zone to be adopted in operations based on date and time (see TIME).

The geographic position setting mode is defined by parameter G00:

  • MANUAL SETTING of latitude and longitude)
    you can also enter the time zone, address, offset and language parameters
    if they are not present, the device will obtain them automatically

  • according to the cellular network registration CELL 1
    the cellular connection must be active
    the parameters of the cellular network are constantly updated
    time zone, address, offset and language will be entered automatically 3

  • with GNSS satellite positioning 2
    the signal and the number of satellites must be sufficient
    the geographical coordinates are constantly updated
    time zone, address, offset and language will be entered automatically 3

1 If the geographical position cannot be acquired (due to congestion or unavailability of the localization service through the cellular network or lack of GNSS satellite signal) the SMM server will try to get the position using one of the alternative methods:

  • location relative to the public IP address
  • center of gravity of the nation

The position obtained based on the registration cell is not updated if the device connects to another cell, to force a new positioning use the AT#GEO command.

2 If the GNSS receiver is not able to determine the position, parameter G14 (HDOP) is set to zero, while latitude and longitude are freezed to the last coordinates obtained.

3 If the parameters G04 (address), G05 (language), G06 (time zone) and G07 (offset) are not present, they are obtained automatically but will not be updated if the location of the device changes.

To update these parameters based on the new position use the AT#RGEO command. This command involves data exchange with the server and can be used up to 5 times per day.

The device will continue to acquire information relating to the position (cells and / or geographic coordinates) but these parameters will not be sent to the cloud account, their update can be carried out with the appropriate AT#SMAP command (which can also be used within rules.

More information on the features of the GNSS receiver is available HERE.