These are the settings for the SMM Server group.



Enable / disable the connection to the SMM server on which remote access to the device depends. At least one data network (WiFi or PLMN) must be available to access the service.

0 = disabled / 1 = enabled - Default: enabled


Minimum time between connections

To limit the amount of data over paid networks, it is possible to set here a minimum time between successive connections, grouping the transfers in periodic sessions interspersed with pause periods.

0 = off / 1 ... 10080 [minutes] - Default: 1 


Keepalive interval

To prevent disconnection from the network, which may occur with some networks (especially cellular) due to prolonged inactivity, set here the interval between periodic small traffic (160 bytes approx) sent to keep the connection active.

0 = off / 1 ... 1440 [minutes] - Default: 10


Server address

To use the service provided by the SMM server it is mandatory to leave the factory setting. You can set a different address when the SMM server is hosted by a third party.

5 ... 64 characters - Default:


Connected to server 

Returns the status of the connection to server.

0 = disconnected (not available)

1 = connected SMM (available)

2 = connected VPN (available)