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Manage all your Avior and AviorEco devices
in a simple configurable BUTTON RACK
No need to install.
You can even carry it on your USB drive anywhere you want.

Avior.Monitor can hold up to 200 buttons associated with devices that can be reached in the local WiFi network or located anywhere and connected via the Internet.

Local devices can be reached even without an Internet connection and are identified with their IP address. Avior.Monitor can perform an automatic search to identify Avior reachable in the local network (the SDcard must be present to activate the embedded webserver).

Remote devices (both Avior and AviorEco) are identified with their WebId identifier and can be reached through the SMM Server.

Search or manually add the devices you want to associate with the quick open buttons.

Click on a button to quickly open the page containing information and device status.

The page content (13 panels + 2 logs) can be customized for each device.

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