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This website has been designed to operate on a wide variety of devices, platforms and browsers.
This is a list of external resources used in the creation of this web site. Many thanks to those authors who have made their creations available for use.

If there is any comments, questions, or concerns
please let us know.

Twitter Bootstrap Framework Apache License v2.0
Modernzr MIT License
html5shiv MIT License
Open Sans Font Apache License v2.0
JQuery Javascript Library MIT License
JQuery Cycle Plugin MIT / GPL License
JQuery Lightbox clone CC-BY 2.5 / GPL License
Reveal.js MIT License
Font Awesome Icons SIL Open Font License
MIT License
CC BY 3.0 License
Material Icons Apache License v2.0
Iconpharm Icons CC BY-ND 3.0
Alexandra Institute
Inspiring the Internet of Things
CC BY NC SA License
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